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Kitchener is good place for the Apparel and Accessories Clothing General and has several locations to help the local public with various informations. We have the list of the business under this location with waste number of home based and location based growing businesses.

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Eleventh Hour Clothing
Eleventh Hour Clothing is a new clothing store in downtown Kitchener. Bringing you the latest fashion from Toronto, Montreal and Europe to your community first. ...

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Boutique Items Whol and Mfrs (1)
Clothing Care Products (2)
Crests (1)
Designers Apparel (15)
Fur Skin Dealers and Brokers (2)
Fur Skindealers, Brokers and Farms (1)
Jeans Retail (1)
Knit Goods Retail (1)
Millinery Retail (1)
Pants Retail (1)
Parkas (2)
Sheepskin Specialties Retail (2)
Shirts Custom Made (4)
Tartans Woollen and Worsted Fabrics (1)
Women's Apparel Retail (1)
Yarn Retail (1)